Affordable Security Awareness Training for Small and Medium Businesses

SMBs are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks precisely because they are seen as less prepared and more vulnerable. The Human Firewall 2.0 program from Global Learning Systems gives you a choice of two packages that allow you to target a training and reinforcement program to your most immediate security awareness needs.

How Does it Work?

GLS takes the guesswork out of selecting program items. We’ve paired one of our broadly-themed Foundation blocks with three of our more specialized Building blocks.

You select the Foundation block topic that best meets your needs and receive the corresponding Building block topics. With each block, you get a robust set of multi-modal learning and reinforcement materials.

human firewall basic SMB blocks

Focus on Cybersecurity Awareness

human firewall security plan blocks

If security awareness training is new to your organization and you want to establish a baseline of awareness, consider the General Cybersecurity Awareness package, where you’ll receive one foundation block and three building blocks that cover the essentials.

Focus on Anti-Phishing Awareness

human firewall antiphishing plan blocks

If you would like to focus on the number one user-related cybersecurity threat, the Anti-Phishing Awareness package provides in-depth instruction for avoiding complex attacks, ransomware and social media threats.

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Value-Added Tools & Services

As part of our total offering, Global Learning Systems offers a full range of value-added tools and service options.