Despite the best efforts of organizations worldwide, cybercrime is rising rapidly largely because human error continues to be the biggest threat to information security. Many well-meaning employees make poor security decisions that can result in data breaches, network intrusions and financial loss.That’s why this course teaches users about the importance of personal responsibility, their role in keeping the organization safe and the consequences of lax behavior. Learners are given a solid overview of types of threats, how to recognize them and how to take preventive measures. The course focuses on adopting a security mindset that carries through daily work routines – from email, to telephone interactions to physical security. The course educates and engages users by describing real-life security challenges and asking them to choose the best course of action for each challenge.

  • This course is available with or without an 8-question quiz at the end
  • A specialized version is available for Educators
  • A Section 508-compliant version is available

Duration: 25 minutes

  • Foundation Block

  • Security Awareness

  • Courseware