Global Learning Systems LLC (GLS), leading eLearning solutions provider of off-the-shelf and customized security and compliance training, announced today that Info Security Products Guide (ISPG) named GLS’ security awareness training winners in the Global Excellence Awards for the Best Security Training & Educational Programs.

“We are honored to have won gold for our Security Awareness Training solution,” Larry Cates, CEO of GLS said, “This interactive program provides our customers with the ability to positively affect culture change for developing a security-minded organization. It continues to be our priority and focus to create and provide the best security awareness and training solutions for our customers, helping them remain secure.”

The GLS Security Awareness Essentials Training Program is interactive and scenario-based to engage learners and effectively educate on security threats, vulnerabilities and best practices. Topics in the online course include mobile device security, social engineering, phishing, portable devices, data security, network security, physical security and more. The course is fully hosted in GLS’ OnDemand learning management system for 24/7 global delivery, so the trainee can access the training anytime and anywhere. The program also includes various touch-points throughout to refresh and remind employees on security best practices.

When recently asked by ISPG reporters what to look for in a security awareness training program, Cates replied, “Learning is not a one-time event, and therefore you need to provide continuous learning in order to actively engage your audience. Your program should consider options that provide multiple touch points in your campaign: general awareness courses, role-based courses, topical videos, security newsletters, themed posters and email campaigns.”

Security awareness training solutions aid security best practices within an organization, help companies avoid security breaches and change employee behavior. With an increase in security breaches across the globe and insider threats being a top concern, security awareness training continues to be a priority for organizations worldwide.

ISPG held its 10th Annual Global Excellence Awards February 24, 2014, in San Francisco this year where industry leaders gathered to recognize security and IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions.

About Global Learning Systems

Global Learning Systems provides security awareness and compliance training programs for employees that effectively promote behavior change, protect your organization and Strengthen Your Human Firewall®. In addition to carefully tailoring program materials to client needs, we offer an online learning platform, phishing simulation tool, courseware customization and high-touch customer service.