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About Global Learning Systems

Global Learning Systems (GLS) is one of the most highly acclaimed providers of security awareness training and compliance training in the market, offering e-learning since 1990 and cybersecurity training since 2006. We put our decades of experience to work providing effective training programs supported by our OnDemand Learning Management System and SecurePhish® phishing simulation tool. GLS customizes programs to promote employee behavior change, protect your organization and Strengthen Your Human Firewall®

Excellence in Online Learning Since 1990

Global Learning Systems got its start more than 30 years ago, just as the first “digital natives” were being born and training began to move beyond the classroom. The GLS of today is a marriage of two former subsidiaries: Electronic Learning Facilitators (ELF), developers of award-winning custom learning solutions, and Keystone Learning, pioneers of video-based, web-hosted software and business skills training products.

In the late 1990s, as GLS was providing learning products and services to a wide array of corporate and government markets, a common customer challenge began to emerge: the threat posed to organizations by poor security awareness and lax employee behavior when it came to basic cybersecurity precautions — like using strong passwords and recognizing suspicious emails. Seeing the need, GLS drew upon in-house expertise in behavior change program design and off-the-shelf learning product development to produce engaging security awareness programs focused on changing those high-risk behaviors.

Today, GLS applies our long history in online learning to ensure our customers are security and compliance ready. Contact us to learn more about Global Learning Systems and how we can support your organization with award-winning training.

Explore Our Wide Array of Training Topics

In addition to a deep dive into security awareness and anti-phishing training, Global Learning Systems can build workforce knowledge in the areas of compliance, ethics, employment law and even business software skills. Take a look at our Training Solutions to learn more!   

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