SecurePhish® Phishing Simulation

Are Your Employees Being Phished?

Can you afford not to have your employees trained on how to be your strongest line of defense against cyberattacks? Phishing simulation is a critical piece of their preparedness.

In today’s environment, social engineering attacks are prevalent and increasing. Often, the weakest component in a company’s security infrastructure is the human element. Who are your most frequent clickers, the biggest risks to your organization? 

Did you know that every day ...

1 M
phishing emails
are sent
0 M
phishing emails get through security filters
1 M
phishing Emails
are opened
1 ,000
recipients fall for a phishing scam

Learn what you don't know with simulated phish testing

Our specialists will partner with your organization to help protect against social-engineering attacks with continuous phishing simulations using our SecurePhish® tool and provide remedial training for your executives and employees.

SecurePhish allows you to easily conduct simulated phishing attacks to test employees’ security awareness as part of a comprehensive security awareness training program.

laptop showing phishing simulation scam

With GLS' SecurePhish® phishing simulation, you can ...

Why GLS for your phishing simulation?

Our expertise focuses on a tailored solution that encompasses annual planning and growth in your security awareness training program year over year.

With our phishing testing services, we take the guesswork out of setting up, deploying and managing a phishing program. When compared with competitors who simply provide access to a phishing simulation tool, our solution makes it easier to plan and execute simulated phishing attempts with targeted remediation. Our customers have seen a significant decrease (60% reduced to 2%) in clicks, and attribute that decrease to the our SecurePhish testing and Managed Services solution.

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