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Customized eLearning Solutions

There are times when even the best-designed off-the-shelf learning programs are not quite right for your audience. Many businesses have complex requirements that can’t be met by a standard solution. This is when a customized elearning solutions might be the best choice. Global Learning Systems has over 30 years of experience with helping organizations to rapidly develop and deploy innovative and engaging custom learning solutions to audiences across the globe.

Engage Your Audience with Customized eLearning Solutions

We employ proven learning strategies such as video simulations, scenario-based activities and interactive media. These strategies are implemented with a combination of web-based, traditional or virtual classroom delivery, and collaborative tools. We offer a streamlined process for transforming your subject matter into a media-rich, effective custom learning system.

Our team of instructional designers, graphic artists, program managers and technical experts, will assist you with establishing goals, creating engaging content and helping you communicate to your unique audiences. From design and development to implementation, evaluation and maintenance, our experts partner with you to deploy and manage an effective in-person, virtual or blended learning solution to fit your complex requirements.

Highly Customized Training Solutions

Global Learning Systems provides a range of customization options for our off-the-shelf courseware to make it more meaningful and applicable to your audience.

Standard customization is included with every plan, and includes branding the GLS OnDemand Portal with your logo and configuring a welcome screen with your policy acknowledgement verbiage.

Greater levels of customization are available at an additional cost, such as:

  • Adding/removing content to address your target audience’s needs
  • Changing images to make it visually consistent with your environment
  • Modifying wording to match your organization’s familiar terminology

Courseware Customization, Translation and Localization

For many of our global customers, we provide both off-the-shelf and customized programs in multiple languages. We use professional translation and localization services so all our content reflects the language and culture of multinational users. This attention to detail ensures your training programs have a positive impact on behavior change while respecting audience diversity.

Following are the most common languages requested, but the languages we offer go well beyond this list. Contact us for more information on our customized elearning solutions for your location and language needs.

Commonly Requested Languages

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