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Cybersecurity Managed Services for Awareness Training

Business and IT leaders know their organizations need to be aware of and protected against cybersecurity attacks. But it is challenging to stay current on continually emerging threats, changing regulatory and industry standards, and ensure that employees across the organization are properly trained and ready. Global Learning Systems takes the guesswork out of setting up and deploying your security awareness training program with cybersecurity Managed Services.

Outsource to Security Training Experts

Our training professionals are experts in cybersecurity, who have successfully launched, managed, and led cyber programs at leading global enterprises, making them uniquely qualified to develop your training strategy and oversee your program deployment.

Our Consulting Services team helps guide your cyber defense strategies and annual planning, while Program Management focuses on the day-to-day details of your program implementation and achieving targeted goals and outcomes.

Cyber Security Consulting Services from GLS

Strategic guidance and annual planning for cyber defense

Many organizations work with consultants to assess the software and hardware security programs and services that are best suited to protect their business. However, the employee training and compliance aspect of the program is often overlooked or not prioritized during the consultant’s review. This leaves the most important line of defense – an organization’s workforce – to navigate awareness training and understanding cyber threat prevention on their own. The task is then placed on a junior Information Security Analyst, an IT representative or a HR training manager to pick up the pieces and put together a program. 

GLS understands the struggles of IT Security and compliance training managers, IT personnel and administrators from all business sectors. We listen to our customers to understand their pain points and goals and make appropriate recommendations for training modules, phishing strategies and remedial training. 

Together, we will incorporate and align various aspects of our proprietary design approach with your specific needs and objectives. Our tailored approach to cybersecurity Consulting Services bring your training to life as a robust, continuous security awareness program tied to annual goals and objectives that generate metrics that can be shared with your executive team showing your Return on Investment (ROI) is successful in training your employees to be your last line of defense when security controls fail 

Your dedicated and experienced GLS security awareness consultant supports the following:

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Awareness Training Program Management

Tactical implementation of your security awareness training program

With Program Management from GLS, our dedicated information security professionals will empower your organization by administering your day-to-day program. We provide the tools to make your training effective – from program kickoff with a letter from your CEO endorsing the initiative to all aspects of training in various formats (games, videos, courses, modules). We comprehensively manage and deliver your selected curriculum in the most effective manner, as well as monitor and evaluate key performance indicators to measure ROI. 

Our team is well equipped to provide managed cybersecurity services and support that alleviates many of the day-to-day coordination efforts and tasks that come with maintaining an effective and comprehensive training program, including: 

Managed Phishing Simulations

Your managed phishing program administered by GLS experts helps ensure the best defense against social engineering, business email compromise and other malicious attacks targeting your employees. We offer Managed Phishing services utilizing SecurePhish, our robust phishing simulation tool and remedial training recommendations.

Custom Course Development

Does your company require highly customized training or have unique compliance requirements? GLS has over 30 years of experience helping organizations rapidly develop and deploy custom learning programs – targeting audiences in multiple languages around the world.


Why Choose Global Learning Systems?

GLS is your full-service managed security services learning partner, offering a complete spectrum of managed services to secure your organization. No other security awareness company has security professionals working with their clientele directly with the experience to support their programs, which makes GLS unique in the industry. Our organization has decades of experience and expertise across multiple industries and cybersecurity professions spanning from incident response and threat management to governance, risk management and compliance.

As your training partner, GLS’s cybersecurity managed services focuses on helping you build and sustain a successful, continuous and effective security educational program within your organization. We provide strategy, best practices and implementation support to help promote positive culture and behavior change throughout the organization and throughout the years.

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