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Marcum LLP/Global Learning Systems Information Security Awareness Training

The Marcum/Global Learning Systems partnership provides you with two training formats to choose from. Choose one, or a combination of both, to meet the needs of your organization.

All Risk Strategies Cyber Resolute™ policyholders are entitled to a 10% return premium credit to fund pre-approved information security training.


Marcum’s Information Security Awareness Training covers all the key security points; from properly identifying and responding to common workforce threats to information security and acceptable usage policies.

  • In-person, on-site course with optional web-conferencing for off-site participation
  • Led by seasoned cybersecurity experts
  • Tailored to your organization
  • 2 hour session
  • Up to 3 sessions per day


Global Learning Systems offers computer-based cybersecurity training courses and packages that take the guesswork out of determining your vulnerabilities and selecting necessary training. Our turnkey solutions cover critical topics including Information Security Essentials, Anti-Phishing, and Privacy and Data Protection

  • Self-paced, online learning
  • Engaging, interactive media
  • Hosted in a secure, online learning management system
  • Duration ranges from 2-20 minutes per module or video
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