Here we are near the end of cyber security awareness month. This year’s campaign topics were led by the number one tool used by bad actors to infiltrate an organization […]

GLS video screen grab for CSAM 2022

Is your own level of engagement affecting the success of your Cybersecurity Awareness Program? It’s that time of year again. Fall is upon us, change is coming. It’s also time

GLS Wins Gamicon Award

GLS is thrilled to announce that CSI: Phishing has won the top award for Excellence in Web-Based/eLearning Gamification at GamiCon! Congratulations to our development team for their hard work and

social media phishing

Spooktober is usually a month-long preparation for Halloween when little ghouls, vampires and adorable werewolves roam the streets, knocking on doors and demanding candy from strangers. But that’s about as

remote worker on zoom call representing remote workplace security

The hybrid workforce is here to stay. In an effort to meet the demand for work-life balance in a post-pandemic world, employers across the globe have made accommodations to continue

how to provide cyber security awareness training for new employee onboarding

It is critical for every organization to have personnel in Human Resources or Training who know how to provide cyber security awareness training for new employee onboarding. Follow these guidelines

disaster fraud

As seasons change, so too does the weather. Hurricanes, lengthy storms, catastrophic flooding, uncontrollable wildfires and more — all cause devastation and destruction. Unfortunately, when victims of disasters need help

skull and code representing fileless malware

In the surging world of malware attacks, there is a continuous growth of creative and sophisticated ways hackers are finding to steal sensitive information and wreak havoc on networks, servers

erica award

We are excited to announce that The CIO Times has honored our very own Erica Smith as a Top Five Impressive Women in Tech, Making Waves in the Industry 2022.

american flag symbolizing future of privacy in the U.S.

The landmark ruling in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe vs. Wade and returned the regulation of abortion to the individual states. Unless you have been living

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