YouTube Phishing: Targeting YouTube Content Creators

Cybercriminals have developed a new threat targeting YouTube content creators. Bad actors send phishing malware through the platform’s Share Video By Email feature. Bad actors load malicious files from what appears to be a legitimate YouTube email address –

A Phishy Holiday

Naughty or nice, we all know that jolly Santa will eventually make it down your chimney. Whether old Saint Nick is wearing his signature red suit this year, or a courier delivery uniform, you can be certain cybercriminals are also looking for ways to take advantage of the naughty-or-nice list.

Phishmongers’ Discounts

As we prepare for the big and busy holiday season, our focus tends to turn towards the great sales out there — ideally to finish our gift lists on time. Naturally and unfortunately, scheming cybercriminals are making their own lists.

You’ve Got [A Phishing] Email!

Phishing is still the number one tool used by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive information. I read in a recent article that there has been a 61% increase rate of phishing attacks in 2022 compared to last year. The increase equates to 225 million attacks!

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