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The joy of the gift-giving season is upon us. New tech toys are always a crowd-pleaser but the cybersecurity risks associated with them are often overlooked due to FOMO (fear […]

how to provide cyber security awareness training for new employee onboarding

It is critical for every organization to have personnel in Human Resources or Training who know how to provide cyber security awareness training for new employee onboarding. Follow these guidelines

skull and code representing fileless malware

In the surging world of malware attacks, there is a continuous growth of creative and sophisticated ways hackers are finding to steal sensitive information and wreak havoc on networks, servers

american flag symbolizing future of privacy in the U.S.

The landmark ruling in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe vs. Wade and returned the regulation of abortion to the individual states. Unless you have been living

teacher and middle school kids using computers in classroom representing cybersecurity in schools

While malicious cyberattacks on large corporations often garner the most attention, cybersecurity in schools has become a significant concern. Recent cyber incidents show how a data breach can impact private

woman working in coffee shop representing WFH and WFA cybersecurity

Many CISOs and CIOs are dealing with the advent of employees who work from home (WFH) and/or work from anywhere (WFA) as it relates to keeping networks and data secure.

control room of global supply chain company showing maps and senior security technicians

As we look to the near future, cyber security experts have identified key areas that warn of impending future attacks and how extra measures will begin to emerge as we

GLS infographic about how to prevent data breach

New year, new you. Right? How many times have we said this going into a new year? Each January, we make resolutions to better ourselves: Eat healthy, exercise more. Spend

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New SecureSnippetsTM training offers customers short, story-driven micro-learning modules that are two minutes or less with a quiz COLUMBIA, Md., (Oct. 26, 2021) – Global Learning Systems (GLS) announces a

the word security representing key content for effective security awareness training

In this article, information security expert Suzanne Gorman delves into the key content for effective security awareness training, including the elements of a successful program and what the leadership in

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