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The hybrid workforce is here to stay. In an effort to meet the demand for work-life balance in a post-pandemic world, employers across the globe have made accommodations to continue […]

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GLS Releases First-of-its-Kind ‘CSI: Phishing’ Game, Turning Learners into Cybersecurity Investigators New cybersecurity investigations (CSI) game revolutionizes anti-phishing training by putting end users in the driver’s seat COLUMBIA, Md., (June

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Many CISOs and CIOs are dealing with the advent of employees who work from home (WFH) and/or work from anywhere (WFA) as it relates to keeping networks and data secure.

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In this article, information security expert Suzanne Gorman delves into the key content for effective security awareness training, including the elements of a successful program and what the leadership in

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A security awareness training (SAT) program, if done well, equips your employees with the tools they need to handle the common cybersecurity risks they face daily as well as the IoT Devices Against Hacks

Did you hear about the hacker who alerted a guy in Arizona that his security camera wasn’t secure? This hacker was a good guy but most aren’t, so the safe bet is

home cybersecurity

Industry data confirms that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on businesses’ cybersecurity when employees are working from home. We know it affected the community; we all had

Work From Home Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

Recent ransomware attacks are an increasing challenge for organizations. When there is uncertainty globally, the odds are against companies that their employees will know how to react and spot social


The shift to remote work in 2020 caused many changes to the cybersecurity landscape, not the least of which was the astronomical increase in cloud platform usage. By April, companies’

iot device security

Are you aware of the risks that come with not properly securing IoT-connected devices? Do you know how to implement device security to protect both your personal networks and data,

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