California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

CCPA training that focuses on compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act, what data is considered private under the act, what rights the act provides to data subjects, and what the responsibilities of an average employee are to be in compliance.
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After a series of high profile breaches, it was revealed that many organizations were collecting and selling private information without consumer knowledge. As data protection laws are evolving, the State of California has put into place a robust set of privacy protection laws known as the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA. The CCPA, with its transparency requirements and a broad definition of what constitutes private data, is changing how businesses operate in the U.S.

The CCPA data privacy law protects consumer data and personally identified information (PII) through three critical rights – the right to access information, the right to data deletion and the right to opt out of data collection for sale.

Course Description

This CCPA training course provides a robust overview of the California Consumer Privacy Act. It teaches employees what the law mandates for informing consumers about the data being collected or shared and giving them the right to access, control, delete and opt out of data collection. Most importantly, it addresses the responsibilities of an average employee with regard to CCPA compliance.

Course Curriculum

Organizations that are impacted

Private data under the law

Individual rights

Employee responsibilities

Enforcement and penalties

Knowledge check questions

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