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Frequently Asked Questions

Logging into GLS OnDemand™

  • Check your spam folder.

  • Find out if other users–that should have received the email–received their email successfully to help us determine if this issue is specific to you or is an organization-wide issu
  • Please wait up to 10 minutes for the email to arrive. 
  • Check your spam folder.
  • Be sure you used the email address for your user in GLS OnDemand™; some organizations have multiple email addresses for some of their users.

Viewing a Course in GLS OnDemand™

  • The course launches in a new browser window. Sometimes a user will have already launched the course, but gone on to another, non-training task. The course window is still open but is currently hidden. Check to see if another browser window is already open but hidden.
  • You may be on a screen that requires you to complete interaction such as clicking all clickable items, or selecting and submitting answer(s) to a question.
  • Try closing the browser window and launching the course again. Be sure to click Yes when asked if you’d like to be returned to the last-visited screen
  • You must click Yes when asked if you would like to be returned to the last-visited screen to go back to where you left off. If you click No you have to start over, you cannot then return to where you left off before.

Course Completion

  • Go to your GLS OnDemand™ home page and look at the course title (see Completion Status screenshot below). If the circle under the title is not completely filled in, you have not met the completion criteria for the course.
  • Completion requirements depend on which course is being used but in general you must visit all screens and for courses that require it, you must get a passing score on a final test. Some courses have a policy acknowledgement screen, you must complete the acknowledgement so you can proceed to the next screen and therefore have viewed all screens in the course.
  • It is possible the reminder email was configured incorrectly, please include the complete subject of the email when clicking the Support Ticket link (if available) or sending an email to and submitting a support ticket.
  • Go to your GLS OnDemand™ home page and look at the course title (see Completion Status screenshot below).
  • If the circle under the title is completely filled in you have completed this course  (see screenshot below):

Still Need Help?

If this document does not help you with your issue, send an email to Please note that GLS product support is only available in English. Please provide the following information so we can more quickly assist you:

  • Use the subject line “Chubb Cyber Training Program Support Issue”
  • The username (often your email address) you are using to access GLS OnDemand™
  • If the issue is with a course, the complete name of the course you are launching, please copy and paste the complete name as seen on the GLS OnDemand™ home page
  • The browser you are using (e.g., Chrome, Microsoft Edge)
  • The version of the browser you are using
    • Chrome: Help: About Google Chrome
    • Edge: Settings: About This App
  • Details about the issue
  • A screen capture showing the issue and be sure the screen capture shows the web address (URL) field of the browser

Most support requests are responded to within 4 business hours (United States Eastern Time) but please allow up to 2 business days for a response.


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