Complimentary SecurePhish® Phish Testing for Up to 200 Employees

Find out how your employees respond to simulated phishing attacks!

Global Learning Systems – a leader in security awareness training – is committed to strengthening your company’s cybersecurity preparedness. With this free, limited-time offer, we’re helping businesses find out how knowledgeable and aware their employees actually are about today’s sophisticated, malicious phishing scams and social engineering attacks.

Limited-Time SecurePhish™ Offer Includes

  • One free phish for your organization
  • Select from five phishing templates (English language)
  • Test up to 200 users
  • Run a 14-day campaign
  • Comprehensive report reviewed with you by a GLS representative
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GLS’s powerful SecurePhish™ tool provides pre-configured phishing templates that let you phish employees, deliver real-time training and receive a comprehensive report to gauge your risk exposure.

With this free offer, you can view a live demo. Then our SecurePhish specialists will administer a one-time managed phishing test for up to 200 of your employees. Once the phishing simulation is ready and executed by our team, GLS provides consultation with an overview of your organization’s results and how they might align with your business concerns.

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What is GLS SecurePhish?

A phishing attack happens when someone tries to trick an individual into sharing personal or business information online. With GLS’s SecurePhish, organizations can easily conduct simulated phishing attacks to test and train employees to be security aware. Simulated social engineering and phish testing present learners with real-world workplace scenarios, such as potentially malicious emails and bogus websites. When combined with anti phishing training, a simulation tests users’ responses and follows up with targeted education.

Why Phish Test Your Employees

Successful phishing attacks lead to data breaches, and the consequences can be severe for your organization. Consider these recent statistics:

  • According to a recent Gartner report, “Business email compromise (BEC) attacks increased by nearly 100% in 2019 and resulted in substantial financial losses …”
  • In 1Q of 2020, 66 percent of BEC attacks involved scammers requesting funds in the form of gift cards, 16 percent requested payroll diversions and 18 percent requested direct bank transfers.

These trends are alarming. But the best defense is a good offense, starting with educating your employees on how to recognize a phishing attempt when it hits their inbox. That’s where simulated phish testing comes in!

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