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A CSI phishing awareness training game that puts the end user in the role of a cybersecurity “investigator” tasked with finding the cause of a recent breach within the company.
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With the CSI: Phishing awareness training game from Global Learning Systems, learners are offered a puzzle that requires them to evaluate business communications to determine if they are legitimate or a scam. Watch the demo video to learn how this game works – and find out how much fun gamified learning can be!

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Game Description

The CSI (Cyber Security Investigation) Phishing game takes place over a remote desktop, where the investigator will comb through the email and social media accounts of various employees in the company, trying to assess where the breach occurred. They will look at various emails and posts – some of which are safe, others of which are not – and flag anything they think is suspicious. Meanwhile, a “virtual assistant” will provide feedback and additional information, as well as guide the investigator in the right direction if they need help. 

The objective of this phishing awareness training game is to investigate the available assets and correctly identify safe vs. malicious messages or posts. The more accurately they identify what they see, the higher their score!

Innovative Solution To A Common Problem

Cyberattacks are still caused by human mistakes. Attacks are increasing – especially on social media. Conventional training solutions alone aren’t working to resolve the problem. Memorizing facts and answering multiple choice questions are not activities that require sophisticated thinking skills like analyzing or evaluating something and making a decision based on your own judgments. Traditional-based courses do not provide the type of practice employees need to change real-life behavior.

CSI: Phishing changes the learning paradigm. This gamified learning provides employees with a safe place to practice what they have learned from traditional, lecture-style courses and to demonstrate that they can actually differentiate risks from legitimate communications in everyday work situations. No presentation of facts or questions – only engaging exploration.

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Visit GLS at TechLearn 2022!

Global Learning Systems will present the innovative CSI: Phishing awareness training game at the TechLearn Conference in Texas in September 2022. Allison Gordon-Beecher, Lead Instructional Designer for CSI: Phishing, will present at the conference and provide a live demo of the game.

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