Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Essential training for individuals involved in international financial transactions or contracts on behalf of their organization or clients, the FCPA training course covers the fundamentals of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, how to recognize and avoid violations, and mitigation and monitoring best practices
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Course Description

The U.S. government and its multinational partners have committed to a global crackdown on corruption with the goal of fostering business expansion domestically and globally. Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is aggressive, with consequences that include substantial corporate penalties, individual fines and jail time.

The FCPA prohibits payments of bribery to foreign officials to assist in obtaining or retaining businesses. It contains strict accounting requirements to ensure maintenance of accurate books and records to maintain a system of internal accounting controls. 

A key component of your anti-corruption compliance program, FCPA training from Global Learning Systems helps organizations prevent ethical violations related to accounting practices and procedures when doing business globally. No matter their job responsibilities, all employees need FCPA training to know the types of business activities that are prohibited under the FCPA and understand how to prevent violations.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: FCPA Overview

  • Overview of the two key sections under the FCPA: anti-bribery provisions and accounting provisions
  • Overview of how the FCPA is enforced by the DOJ and the SEC
  • Description of the criminal and civil penalties for violating the FCPA

Module 2: Anti-Bribery Provisions

  • What/who is covered under the anti-bribery provisions
  • Description of the FCPA’s jurisdiction over U.S. companies and citizens, foreign nationals and businesses, and third parties
  • Definition and explanation of the terms “foreign official,” “business purpose test,” “corrupt intent” and “knowing action”
  • Acceptable and questionable gifts under the FCPA
  • Explanation of the term “anything of value” as understood by the DOJ
  • Affirmative defenses available for individuals charged with FCPA violations
  • “Facilitating payments” exception under the FCPA

Module 3: Accounting Provisions

  • What is covered under the accounting provisions
  • Application and enforcement of accounting provisions
  • What are “books and records”
  • Entities covered under the accounting provisions: issuers and individuals
  • Civil and criminal liabilities that can result from violating FCPA’s accounting provisions

Module 4: International Context

  • Overview of anti-bribery in other countries
  • A comparison between the FCPA and UK’s Bribery Act
  • Helpful links for further information related to anti-bribery acts in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Russia, China and India

Module 5: Summary and Test

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