Free Online Course Helps Remote Workforce Reduce Cybersecurity Risk

reduce cybersecurity risks

With cyberattacks and phishing on the rise amid COVID-19, Global Learning Systems offers free content and online training to help companies educate employees working from home reduce cybersecurity risk

CLARKSVILLE, Md., (Apr. 8, 2020) – As thousands of employees set up home offices to work remotely amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Global Learning Systems (GLS) is making available a free online course to help educate at-home workers on how to avoid phishing scams and cyberattacks. 

Click the link for free online security awareness training, “Securing Your Work At Home”, along with resources and tips to increase productivity and establish good cybersecurity hygiene.

“Cyber threats are always a concern for companies large and small, but now cyber criminals are exploiting this crisis to take advantage of the massive workforce transitioning to home-office environments,” said Larry Cates, GLS CEO. “Daily headlines about phishing scams and warnings from the U.S. Department of Justice underscore the escalating occurrence of fraud and cyberattacks in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.” 

According to Cates, employees working remotely are put in the position of being their own IT department, yet most are not qualified for this role. The online course from GLS provides scenario-based examples and interactions to help employees secure their home networks, safeguard personal devices and connect securely with the outside world. 

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With more than 30 years of experience developing behavior change programs, Global Learning Systems is an industry leader in security awareness training. The company helps businesses identify areas of vulnerability and change employee behavior to create a security-minded and compliance-oriented workforce.

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