GLS Responds to Increased Phishing Attacks With Free Phishing Test

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With upticks in phishing and social engineering threats and two-thirds of America’s workforce working remotely, GLS’s free managed SecurePhish™ phishing test lets companies evaluate risk exposure and better prepare employees

CLARKSVILLE, Md., Sept. 9, 2020 — Global Learning Systems (GLS), a leading security awareness training company, is offering a free, managed phishing simulation for up to 200 employees to help organizations gauge their employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks and assess training needs for better cybersecurity defense.

“A phishing attack happens when someone tries to trick an individual into sharing personal or business information online,” said Larry Cates, President and CEO of GLS. “Successful phishing attacks lead to data breaches, and the consequences can be severe for companies of all sizes.”

Consider these recent statistics:

  • According to a recent Gartner report, “Business email compromise (BEC) attacks increased by nearly 100% in 2019 and resulted in substantial financial losses …”
  • Symanetc’s Internet Security Threat Report 2019 reports that spear-phishing emails are used by 65 percent of all known groups carrying out targeted cyberattacks.
  • 74 percent of all phishing sites now use SSL protection, making them harder to recognize as a threat, according to a 2020 APWG Phishing Activity Trends Report.
  • In 1Q of 2020, 66 percent of BEC attacks involved scammers requesting funds in the form of gift cards, 16 percent requested payroll diversions, and 18 percent requested direct bank transfers.

To help organizations combat phishing and social engineering attempts, GLS is offering a free one-time SecurePhish™ test. Working with the appropriate company representative (e.g., business owner, human resources, information technology personnel), GLS will implement a phish test of up to 200 users. The testing presents employees with a real-world workplace scenario involving a malicious email or bogus website. If the user falls for the simulated attack, the GLS testing platform will deliver immediate targeted anti-phishing training. 

Following the SecurePhish test, a GLS representative will provide an overview of the organization’s results and recommend next measures for companies to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses. 

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