GLS’s Erica Smith Named Top Five Impressive Women in Tech

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We are excited to announce that The CIO Times has honored our very own Erica Smith as a Top Five Impressive Women in Tech, Making Waves in the Industry 2022.

“Cybersecurity awareness is now regarded as crucial. Knowing how to handle these types of attacks is imperative to everyone, not just infrastructure, as it impacts us all. As the VP of Operations at Global Learning Systems (GLS), Erica Smith recognizes the huge requirement and eagerly channels her experience towards developing and providing tailored information security awareness training products and services. The company’s robust solutions offer something for everyone in an organization. From general cybersecurity awareness to role-based training, to industry-specific training, GLS focuses on producing award-winning off-the-shelf content. They then work with customers to make it their own based on their needs and requirements through GLS’s customization and localization services.

The Road to the Top

Erica’s story is a true self-made story. She started in the corporate world in 1999 at First Data (now Fiserv), made a great connection with her coworkers, and became engrossed in what the company was doing with merchants. In the following five years, she learned about customer interactions, workplace interactions, and challenges and made some of the most amazing friendships. She then moved to GLS and found an incredible mentor in Linda Martin who guided her, believed in her and trusted her.”


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