Compliance Training

Compliance training helps employees understand the legal boundaries that govern the operation of your business. It’s not exactly the most exciting topic, but it’s critical in certain industries and for particular job functions.

Compliance training from Global Learning Systems helps teach employees about applicable regulations and the standards for protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and avoiding corrupt practices. But rather than training that just “checks the box,” GLS provides engaging courses that use real-life scenarios to help learners make the right decisions and follow correct procedures.

Winner, Hot Company Compliance award from Cyber Defense Magazine

Benefits of Compliance Training

Beyond the legal requirements, compliance training has additional benefits:

Risk reduction – Training helps minimize the financial liability that may arise from a misstep taken by an employee. Many of today’s regulations carry hefty fines for violation that could have a serious impact on the business.

Strengthens workplace culture –  Training ensures employees understand the organization’s expectations for their interactions with colleagues and customers. The ability to meet high standards contributes to employees’ pride in the company and builds workplace culture.

Increased efficiency and productivity – Being compliant with applicable regulations usually means sticking to carefully-defined processes. These streamlined workflows enable employees to operate more efficiently within a framework that promotes correct decisions. It also means that work is being done consistently, no matter who is performing it.