Password Malware Ovidiy Stealer: Beware of the New Bargain Malware


There’s a new piece of malware in the wild called Ovidiy Stealer and it’s looking to steal both individual and company passwords. This password malware isn’t particularly sophisticated, and if one has up to date anti-virus and anti-malware programs, a corporation may not have to worry about it — yet. Ovidiy Stealer’s claim to fame isn’t its sophistication, but its price. For a mere 450 to 750 Rubles (that’s a mere $7 to $13 USD), crooks not only get a license for the malware, but they also get support from the mastermind in Russia, who calls himself, “TheBottle.”

A $7 Piece of Malware?

Believe it or not, it’s a competitive market out there when it comes to attracting malware customers. The Ovidiy Stealer is dangerous because for only $7, it’s universally affordable–and appealing. It lures its victims with an executable attachment (it may be compressed as a zip file), or a link to an executable file in an email, pretending to be something it clearly is not. Once it is run, the password malware targets certain browsers and steals the passwords.

Which Browsers Does it Target?

According to Proofpoint, Ovidiy Stealer is currently targeting the following browsers:

  • Amigo browser
  • FileZilla
  • Google Chrome
  • Kometa browser
  • Opera browser
  • browser
  • Torch browser

The savvy user may note that password malware doesn’t target Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, but given that this password malware is constantly evolving, it may prove problematic even for those browsers in the future.

Why Should Companies Be Concerned About Ovidiy Stealer?

Ovidiy Stealer isn’t aimed simply at stealing individuals’ passwords. Anyone targeted could inadvertently execute the password malware themselves, allowing the criminals to obtain passwords for company bank and investment accounts, financial records, medical records, clouds, and more. Just one breach in security could result in serious damage and even serious fines, depending on the nature of the compromised data.

Is There Any Way to Prevent Ovidiy Stealer from Stealing a Company’s Passwords?

The good news is that while Ovidiy Stealer is targeting a large number of accounts, it isn’t particularly cutting-edge. Taking precautions as small as adding a two-factor authentication will help reduce the number of exposed accounts. Adding a password manager to all accounts, changing passwords frequently, and making certain that if there is a breach, the password manager can change the passwords quickly, is a good first step. But none of that addresses the human element. All the antivirus and malware protection available doesn’t protect computer systems if the users are unaware of the potential risks and still click on harmful links or accidentally run malware.

Addressing the Human Factor

Global Learning Systems offers comprehensive online security awareness training that can show employees how  to spot threats like Ovidiy Stealer and avoid turning their companies into malware victims. They have a wide variety of security courses designed to train employees to remain vigilant when it comes to viruses and malware. They offer Information Security Awareness Training Courses which cover the basics, such as phishing/social engineering, Internet safety, mobile security, email safety, and identity theft. They also offer their Information Security “Best Practice” Modules Suite which provides the learner ways to put into action best security practices in everyday online use. They also offer role-based training and compliance courses which will train employees to assure compliance with specific regulations.
While Ovidiy Stealer isn’t the most sophisticated malware out there, in terms of overall scale and prevalence it is deadly, and has the ability to become a real threat to any organization. A company can thwart this attack using:

  • Two-step authentication
  • A powerful password manager
  • Training that will teach its employees to recognize potential threats

Contact Global Learning Systems today and find out how you can protect your company from Ovidiy Stealer and other malware threats.

What Can You Do?

To learn more about how the data protection and the human element affects information security, we invite you to read a Gartner report, “How to Secure the Human Link.”
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