Respecting Privileged Access

Training that focuses on the importance of privileged user access, what it is, and how to effectively manage and secure your privileged users as well as the administrators granting them access
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Course Description

In a typical organization, several employees — usually in senior positions — have privileged access to data and systems. While this access is necessary for them to do their jobs, the elevated access they have can also lead to harmful changes to devices, applications or infrastructure.

GLS’s Respecting Privileged Access training course explains what privileged access is, the risks associated with it, what can be done to mitigate the risks, and the best practices employees with privileged access should follow. It also includes timely knowledge check questions to test the user’s understanding of the content.

Global InfoSec Awards

Privileged access training minimizes risks

Did you know that 74% of data breaches begin with privileged access abuse?

The main goal of any cyber attack is to gain access to sensitive data. Who has the most convenient access to sensitive data? Employees with privileged access. Since privileged access accounts provide the most direct route to this sensitive data, cybercriminals blatantly target these accounts — and their users.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Forms of Privileged Access

  • Introduction to privileged access
  • What are access rights?
  • Common capabilities of privileged access
  • Types of human privileged access accounts
  • Types of machine privileged access accounts
  • Knowledge check questions

Module 2: Privileged Account Risks and Protections

  • The risks of privileged access
  • Examples of privileged access misuse
  • Cybersecurity control strategies for mitigating risks
  • Importance of consistently logging and monitoring privileged access rights
  • How individuals with privileged access can secure their credentials and prevent credential misuse
  • Cybersecurity best practices that individuals with privileged access must follow
  • Knowledge check questions

Upon completion, learners will be able to:

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