Kontra, Global Learning Systems Partner to Accelerate AppSec Training for Developers

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New SecureDev training simulations present real-life scenarios for developer learning in multiple coding languages

COLUMBIA, Md., (Sept. 21, 2021) – Global Learning Systems (GLS) and Kontra Application Security announce a new and exciting partnership to offer SecureDev application security training, featuring fast, powerful and scalable interactive real-life scenarios. The new secure coding training – created by developers for developers – addresses today’s critical application and software security threats across multiple coding languages, including OWASP Front-End, OWASP Back-End, Top 10 API, Mobile, Cloud and DevOps, AWS Top 10, and Embedded Systems. 


The new SecureDev package will be featured as part of GLS’s new training packages series, SecureSuite. Under the partnership, GLS will offer Kontra’s interactive simulations that condense real-life security incidents into engaging five-minute educational scenarios. The high-quality training modules give developers the necessary skills to develop and maintain secure application code. 


“This training is unlike any we’ve seen before,” said Suzanne Gorman, Vice President, Information Security Risk Evangelist at GLS. “With creativity and interactivity, SecureDev simulations are a far cry from the tedious training we’ve seen over the years. Finally, a way to learn that is fun and that puts the developer right into code they understand and in frameworks they love and work with on a daily basis. It’s a game-changer when it comes to user engagement.”


The diverse set of developer courses complements Global Learning Systems’ extensive security awareness, anti-phishing and compliance e-learning content, according to GLS President and CEO, Larry Cates. “Training is evolving. What worked yesterday, doesn’t work today. Users need to be engaged at the onset with diversified content that captures their full attention. Kontra’s developer training does just that,” said Cates. “We’re honored to be Kontra’s partner, and we look forward to a long-lasting collaboration.” 


Says Gyan Chawdhary, CEO of Kontra: “We’re excited to work with Global Learning Systems, an established leader in behavior change training programs for over 30 years. GLS is the ideal partner to deliver Kontra’s full suite of content in our developer bundle, geared toward developers from all backgrounds.” 


For a limited time, GLS is offering access to more than 20 free SecureDev training modules for users to try out the courseware.

About Global Learning Systems 

Global Learning Systems is an industry leader in security awareness and compliance training with more than 30 years of experience developing behavior change programs. Recognized by Gartner for five consecutive years, GLS’ Human Firewall® security awareness solution enables organizations to implement client-tailored programs that identify areas of vulnerability and change employee behavior to create a security-minded and compliance-oriented workforce.



About Kontra

Kontra Application Security is reinventing and reimagining enterprise application security education for the modern developer. The company’s fast, powerful and scalable interactive web-based simulations aim to displace outdated and inferior forms of developer security education. https://application.security/about 

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