Chubb Complimentary SAT Program Resources

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You have taken another critical step in securing your organization’s human firewall. Congratulations! 

Below are the components of the Complimentary Security Awareness Training (SAT) Resource Program provided by GLS through Chubb. Click on the resources below and continue your cybersecurity journey. Remember there is an FAQ page to help you should you run into any issues. Happy learning!

Micro-learning Awareness Videos

Facts Behind Phishing

Strong Passwords

Individual Responsibility

Cyber Game Module

Spot The Phish Game

Digital Security Assets

Poster: Phishing

Key tips on avoiding phishing

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Poster: User Responsibility

Know your role in keeping information secure

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Infographic: Phishing

Use these tips to stay vigilant

What is BEC?

BEC stands for Business Email Compromise. Click the button below to access the infographic to learn more.
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Weekly Cybersecurity Tips

Twelve Months of Tips

It’s never too late to start developing good habits. That’s why becoming more cyber secure is an ongoing project that you can start anytime you want. Becoming cyber secure in your day-to-day life is not a one-time thing. It’s a series of habits-the things we do and don’t do without thinking about them-and a healthy dose of awareness. It’s knowing the risks and behaving as if those risks apply to you, because they do.

We should all stand together and do our best to minimize the success of cybercriminals. Let’s start small and gradually build up new habits from week to week. Use this guide to get you started, add one new habit a week, and pretty soon you will be cyber secure without even having to think about it.

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