GLS Partners with AwareGO to Accelerate Security Awareness in Bite-Size Modules

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New SecureSnippetsTM training offers customers short, story-driven micro-learning modules that are two minutes or less with a quiz

COLUMBIA, Md., (Oct. 26, 2021) – Global Learning Systems (GLS) announces a new partnership with AwareGO to offer SecureSnippetsTM to customers. The SecureSnippets portfolio of over 70 security awareness topics further expands GLS’s modular training offering, with each module providing a short one-minute video that includes key takeaways and a quiz at the end.

GLS’s customers can now provide shorter and more frequent learning moments for their employees with modules that can be combined to cover multiple topics at a time. Each story-driven, video-based module is relevant, relatable and retainable.

“We always recommend an ongoing security awareness program, and this partnership will solidify that with our clients,” said Suzanne Gorman, Vice President, Information Security Risk Evangelist at GLS. “The modules are less than two minutes long and can be combined together with as many modules as a customer desires. This type of microlearning can be rolled out weekly or monthly, providing employees with an increased understanding of memorable cybersecurity information.”

“We love the way AwareGO utilizes tools from the advertising world to create short, story-driven training videos that create relevant and relatable learning moments. This diverse set of shorter and informative video-based modules complements Global Learning Systems’ security awareness training portfolio and also adds additional variety and choices for our customers,” according to GLS President and CEO, Larry Cates. “We’re excited about our partnership with AwareGO, and we look forward to a long-lasting collaboration.”

Says Neil Butchart, General Manager, North America, at AwareGO: “We’re excited to work with Global Learning Systems, an established leader in behavior change training programs for over 30 years. The consultative way that GLS works with its clients to create a custom training solution makes them the ideal partner to deliver AwareGO’s full suite in Global Learning Systems’ ‘SecureSnippets’ bundle, geared toward employees at all levels.”

About AwareGO

AwareGO uses the tools and techniques of the advertising world to create short, story-driven and effective training videos. The occasional sprinkle of humor helps grab the users’ interest and hold their attention to drive the message home.

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