Growing Costs of Cyber Threats Make Security Awareness Training a Must

cyber threats

With cybercrime rapidly on the rise, no organization is immune to hacking or data breaches. Cybercrime costs are expected to top $6 trillion by the end of this year (2021). And shockingly, malicious hackers have recently perpetrated cyberattacks in hospitals that have led to human fatalities. Gartner predicts that threat actors will soon move to weaponize operational technology environments, as well, with the intent of causing human casualties.

Meanwhile, we know that human error is often the cause of a breach. The National Cybersecurity Alliance reports that 88% of data breach incidents are caused by mistakes employees make. Furthermore, a recent Cisco analysis of more than 620 billion internet requests showed that 86% of organizations had at least one user try to connect to a phishing site. 

Safeguarding against cyber threats such as these is not only the job of the IT and information security departments; this role is now in the hands of each and every employee. Therefore, security awareness should be an essential part of every organization’s employee training program.

Security awareness training delivers these valuable benefits:

  • Reduce human error to prevent data breaches and systems attacks
  • Increase organizational resiliency
  • Cultivate a culture of security
  • Build trust with customers
  • Meet and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Be a socially responsible organization

Quality cybersecurity awareness training

With 30+ years as a learning company, Global Learning Systems understands what it takes to create real behavioral change. Our tailored training can help teach employees how to take on these ever-evolving cyber threats. Contact us today to learn how our experts can help secure your organization.

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