Phishing is still the number one tool used by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive information. I read in a recent article that there has been a 61% increase rate of phishing attacks in 2022 compared to last year. The increase equates to 225 million attacks!

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It’s Halloween and the cyber attacks are scarier than ever! Cyber criminals are going “all-in” this year as they meticulously plan and execute their cyber attacks. From ransomware to spear-phishing to social engineering, these

Here we are near the end of cyber security awareness month. This year’s campaign topics were led by the number one tool used by bad actors to infiltrate an organization

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With upticks in phishing and social engineering threats and two-thirds of America’s workforce working remotely, GLS’s free managed SecurePhish™ phishing test lets companies evaluate risk exposure and better prepare employees

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In the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, there is a pair of statistics that caught my eye. Phishing was the fifth most reported type of security incident, trailing behind Denial

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Ransomware is an ongoing threat to organizations and their data around the world. It can strike at multiple points in an organization – network, equipment, and employees. It targets industries,


According to a recent study by the Kelser Corporation, 65% of cyber attacks are aimed at small to medium businesses (SMBs). This is a concerning statistic. SMBs often are not able

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Good, Better, Best – Why End-User Security Training is so Important When we talk about cybersecurity awareness, we often find ourselves focused on the technology. It makes sense – the


In December of 2012, popular culture was rocked by an odd hoax. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, who had lost his girlfriend to leukemia just months before, revealed that she

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