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It’s Halloween and the cyber attacks are scarier than ever! Cyber criminals are going “all-in” this year as they meticulously plan and execute their cyber attacks. From ransomware to spear-phishing to social engineering, these […]

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In 2021, hackers continued to find new ways to exploit security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, demanding money for the return of confidential data and information. It’s helpful to understand the types


In December of 2012, popular culture was rocked by an odd hoax. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, who had lost his girlfriend to leukemia just months before, revealed that she


The February 2019 Symantec Internet Threat Security Report includes a startling statistic – 4,800 websites are compromised with formjacking code each month. If you have never heard of formjacking, you

EquifaxDataBreach (1)

Just a few days ago, leading credit bureau Equifax announced that between May and July of 2017, the credit data and personal information of up to 143 million of their clients


There’s a new piece of malware in the wild called Ovidiy Stealer and it’s looking to steal both individual and company passwords. This password malware isn’t particularly sophisticated, and if

DDoS Threat

They might sound like Bond villains, but Hidden Cobra, hackers from North Korea, pose a very real threat to DDoS Threat and public safety. The Department of Homeland Security and

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Each quarter, the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) puts out a report to keep all sectors aware of current cybercrime threats. The APWG is an international coalition that consists of more


Cybercriminals are always taking measures to be one step ahead of small business owners, so you need to arm yourself with as much information about the latest threats as possible.


As time marches on, we are going to be ever more vigilant about cybercrime, which is quickly overtaking the nation as a leading cause of economic crime. High on the

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